Star Wars Day Competition- CLOSED

This competition is now closed. see who won here

May the 4th be with you on International Star Wars Day this Friday. In celebration, Dark Carnival ZA is giving away awesome sets of mini Star Wars character Bobbleheads to one lucky person who can answer our Yoda  question.

The Question:

How Many Yodas can you fit inside a bidorbuy Smart car?

“Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.

Simply give us your answer by posting a reply to this blog post.

The Prize

You can buy these here too

The Rules

  • The winner will be announced at 5pm on May 4th
  • The winner will be chosen by bidorbuy and the decision will be final
  • Please read general bidorbuy competition rules for more information

Good luck! And may the Force be with you.

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  1. Gregory Naicker says


  2. Nine!

  3. You can fit two. One in each chair! 

  4. Three

  5. edmund.meyer14 says

    You can fit in 0 Yodas in the smart car! No car can contain all that force!

  6. Garren Amdur says

    It should fit five two per seat and one in the boot

  7. i’d say 10 yodas

  8. 901 Yoda’s , as Yoda left us on 900 to jion the force it would be fitting for the 4th !

  9. Laurenmarycheek says

    1 – There is only one Yoda and with the force there will not be place for anyone or anything else.

  10. 5 will be enough,

  11. Christiaan Swanepoel says

    11 should be the max… 

  12. Ride in smart cars Yoda does not! Only one he is…

  13. Tiaan Smith says

    3 Yodas

  14. Mrsbothma says

    four yoda’s. because they will be intering the car on the 4th  😉

  15. Johan van Niekerk says

    5 Yodas

  16. If you used the FORCE you would get at least 4 Yoda’s in the smart car. 

    However Yoda is a patient Jedi, 2 yoda’s would probable be more than happy waiting for the first Yoda to drop off the second Yoda while the one Yoda acts as a Taxi driver going back and forth picking up fellow Yoda’s..

  17. Celestelsharp says

    6 Yodas

  18. There is only 1 Yoda in the galaxy. Only one can be. No other things or anything else can fit.

  19. Yoda don’t need a car.

  20. But 1 Yoda enough will be.

  21. Tinkerbel2011 says

    2 Yoda’s. The Empire states its illegal for more than 1 Yoda to be on a seat in a vehicle

  22. clive mclean says

    to fit in car yoda needs not *wave hand for jedi mind trick*

  23. 6 Yodas comfortably, ten at a squeeze

  24. There can be only one Yoda per  universe and he can fit in anything he wants to (Yedi  mind trick) I am the winner!

  25. Justin Hooper says

    The force is not strong enough in me to make yoda do a goddamn thing. Do or no do there is no try and I’ll choose no do in this case. In the words of Admiral Ackbar: “It’s a trap!”

    Theoretically though, a smart car is 2.5m x 1.51m x  1.5m (LxWxH) and provided we take 45% of that space for the car itself gives us 1.125m x 67.95cm x 67.5cm. Now we take Yoda as he is reportedly 66cm tall and we’ll assume 33cm wide. I’d have to say 8 yoda’s. Anything that may get in the way ie armrests etc can be Force pushed out of the way.

    There may be flaws with the math but then there were the same flaws in the Death Star. (damn unprotected exhaust vent of doom!)

    • Well done Justin, you’ve won our competition.
      Check out the next blog post for more info!

      May the force be with you.

  26. Marietjie15 says

    you can at mostly fit 10 yodas in but there is only 1 yoda in the galaxy but for comfort i would say atleast 6 or 7 mostly

  27. i would say 5 but yes there is only one yoda may the force be with you

  28. The answer is 22.

  29. Jenefer Talbot says


  30. mamamoony says

    Im going to guess about 8 or so. I’m not sure how you would find 8 Yodas, but thats my guess. May the Force be with you xx

  31. Nicholas H. says


  32. 23

  33. 32

  34. Conrad Dutoit says


  35. Vanessa Higgins says


  36. 2500

  37. Dylan Knevitt says

    I reckon about 20 yodas can fit in a smart car. If 13 average sized human contortionists can fit into a smart car, i’m sure you could fit 20 huddled up Yodas in one. Wouldnt be very comfortable though.

  38. 15

  39. Ruan Kok says

    Since there was only ONE original Yoda … my guess would be only 1 !

  40. jp theron says

    18 hahaha ruan wth hahaha

  41. Well, comfortably… I’d say about 6 of em… But if you really FORCED em in (‘Scuse the pun) Id say you could get about 10 in there….

  42. Hell, Justin Hooper… Nicely said… 
    The Force is strong with that post….

  43. Vimal Sardar says


  44. Siya Africa says


  45. Michael Barker says

    1500 mini Yoda Bobbleheads

  46. Jfkproductions says

    3 , 2 in the front and one in the boot , if he does not fit in the boot we will force him , i will 

  47. Pretty Old Things says

    7 Yodas!

  48. Werner Vermaak says

    3 Yodas!

  49. Stanskinner says

    2 YODAS

  50. there is only one Yoda. Yoda duplicated he cannot be….

  51. Mcgafter says


  52. 09

  53. Madalvie says

     1 Yoda

  54. Johann Pollard says

    One Yoda. And 4 Yoda groupies.

  55. 1 as there can only be 1 Yoda and May the 4th be with him

  56. Lifesize Yoda’s: 2x Yoda’s comfortably seated. 20x Yoda’s crammed in all over each other.
    Bobblehead Yoda’s: 160x Yoda Bobbleheads in boxes. 300x Yoda Bobbleheads out of boxes.

  57. 2

  58. Alunvns says

    there is only 1

  59. 4 Yodas?

  60. Clement L says

    1 yoda

  61. Maarko the Clone says

    George Lucas’ lucky number: 38 Yodas (assuming we could have cloned them), on a very unconfortable position…

  62. gothgirl69 says

    only 1

  63. Laraleighritchie says

    You could probably fit 8 Yodas in there!

  64. Klappekop says

    As many as the force will allow

  65. Rory88smit says

    Only one, because there is only one yoda
    One can fit only, because only one Yoda There is

  66. Seedysnowy says

    One and only one!!!

  67. Only one, because there is only one yoda

  68. There can be only one

  69. Mymail Mitchell says


  70. with the right force, 18 it could be

  71. There is only 1 Yoda, so no matter the size of the car, 1 Yoda will be the maximum Yoda’s in the car

  72. Its a small car. However, Yoda is technically a little person. So I say 4.

  73. Mymail Mitchell says


  74. 8 Yoda’s will fit for sure! May the force be with us all today!

  75. Gerritoos says

    if it is the toys i shall say 10 thousand if it is manlike it shall be 5

  76. primogems says

    I would say 38 as the guinness book of records have fitted 15 adults in and yoda is only 66cm tall

  77. Skeadster says

    9 fit in the car it will…