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Stylish in linen

Shop stunning linen and linen-blend outfits on bidorbuy.

12 sun protection tips

While unprotected excessive sunlight can cause extreme damage and serious health problems, moderate exposure to the sun is good for us.

Manly in pink

The most prominent men’s fashion trend for the spring-summer season of 2019 is the return of pink and other pastel colours.

Women and their boots

ladies' boots

Ladies, find your next pair of boots on bidorbuy.

Women’s jewellery trends

jewellery trends

The jewellery trends of the day are very much an in-your-face affair. Read on to find out how to get the look!

Disco fashion forever

disco fashion

Some have suggested that disco style glam is a reaction to the gloomy times we live in. If that be so, disco fashion is here to stay!

Sunglasses, fashionable and functional


Do you have a different pair of sunglasses to go with specific attire or for a particular occasion? Yes? Then you are among those who treat sunglasses as a fashion accessory. You are not alone. The fact is, although sunglasses were originally invented as a protective item, they went into mass use only when they […]

Luscious lips: how to apply lipstick

applying lipstick

Once you choose the perfect shade of lipstick, there is the not-so-simple task of applying it perfectly. Read on to find out what tools you need and how to go about it!

Luscious lips: how to choose a lipstick shade


10 tips on how to choose the lipstick shade that’s right for you.

That iconic coat

trench coat

What’s not to like about the trench coat. It is functional and stylish. It flatters almost every body type and it can be updated endlessly!