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Style tips and tricks

style tips for women and men

What makes stylish women and men look so well put together? Read our style tips to find out!

Tools for beautiful nails

nail files

Always buy good quality nail tools. They cost more, but they will last longer and be much kinder to your nails.

Stylish in vintage

vintage fashion

The beauty of vintage or retro fashion is in its uniqueness and a certain special appeal rooted in their history. Someone has said that vintage clothes are more than just fashion: they let you wear a memory. And don’t think that vintage or retro style is for women only! Just consider these great outfits for […]

Hair washing day

Learn how to wash your hair the right way.

Jewellery for men

men's jewellery

Can a man who is not a rock star or a pirate satisfy the urge to adorn his person without overstepping on what is socially acceptable? Most certainly! Read on to find out how to go about it.

How to stand


Good posture is important for your health and for your looks too.

How to choose a hair dryer

hair dryer

Good hair days come as a result of using a good instrument. Read on to find out what to look for when shopping for a hair dryer.

How to clean makeup brushes

makeup brushes

Every now and then (usually sooner than you expected) you realise that it is time to clean your makeup brushes. You may heave a sigh, but you perform the chore because you know that:   Clean brushes are kinder to your skin than dirty brushes Clean brushes are better at applying makeup evenly Clean brushes […]

Soap essentials

True soap or bathing bar? Industrially produced or handmade? Solid or liquid? Read on to learn more about soaps.

Deodorant basics


Most of us would rather be caught dead than without a spritz or a slap of what we’ve come to regard as the all-powerful body odour banisher:  the deodorant.   The cynics among us claim that deodorant became an obligatory part of everyone’s toilette when advertisers managed to convince us that we smell bad. The […]