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Counterfeit cosmetics and potential dangers

Throwing shade on the toxic trade of counterfeit cosmetics, and shedding light on the potential dangers.     For the love of makeup   Over the past years, the beauty industry has grown significantly popular worldwide, especially among high-end and prestige cosmetic brands. The growing number of online beauty influencers who give us easy access […]

Waxing vs threading

There are many myths regarding hair removal methods, some are completely for and others against. This blog will explore the pros and cons, differing opinions and lastly establish which hair removal method is better. It is important to mention that this blog is comparing the waxing and threading method of removing hair for eyebrows specifically. […]

Hair care for natural ethnic hair

A lot of us don’t know where to start when grooming natural ethnic hair. The thick, curly, tough hard texture is hard to manage if you don’t know what you are doing. Firstly, you need to figure out which curly hair texture you have. Afro-textured hair is often difficult to categorise because of the many […]

How to stand


Good posture is important for your health and for your looks too.

How to choose a hair dryer

hair dryer

Good hair days come as a result of using a good instrument. Read on to find out what to look for when shopping for a hair dryer.

Shop now and win with Glamore Cosmetics

About Glamore Cosmetics Glamore Cosmetics was started as a result of a mother’s quest to find suitable make up for her daughter who had sensitive skin and hypoallergenic. Glamore Cosmetics sells products from a brand called Hean Cosmetics. Not only do Hean Cosmetics and Oceanic Skincare originate from Poland but they also have CTFA (Cosmetics […]

How to clean makeup brushes

makeup brushes

Every now and then (usually sooner than you expected) you realise that it is time to clean your makeup brushes. You may heave a sigh, but you perform the chore because you know that:   Clean brushes are kinder to your skin than dirty brushes Clean brushes are better at applying makeup evenly Clean brushes […]

Soap essentials

True soap or bathing bar? Industrially produced or handmade? Solid or liquid? Read on to learn more about soaps.

Deodorant basics


Most of us would rather be caught dead than without a spritz or a slap of what we’ve come to regard as the all-powerful body odour banisher:  the deodorant.   The cynics among us claim that deodorant became an obligatory part of everyone’s toilette when advertisers managed to convince us that we smell bad. The […]

No-fuss hairstyles for the office

work hairstyle

It’s “back to school” or” back to work” time for most of us. We have to get back into the swing of things. The December grunge or happy-go-lucky look now has to be abandoned for a more professional, neat and tidy look. Unless you are self-employed or work for a VERY understanding employer, you have […]