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A sock guide for men

Socks are not only needed to keep you warm or to make wearing shoes more comfortable, they have also become a fashion statement. Instead of hiding your socks to make your shoes the star of the show (hence the creation of the secret sock), we now wear socks to show them off. Keep in mind […]

Women and their boots

ladies' boots

Ladies, find your next pair of boots on bidorbuy.

Carry it in style

Whatever your needs or styling preferences, there is a backpack out there for you!

Disco fashion forever

disco fashion

Some have suggested that disco style glam is a reaction to the gloomy times we live in. If that be so, disco fashion is here to stay!

5 super easy Halloween face painting ideas for kids!

It’s that time of the year again, when all the kiddies want to dress up for Halloween school party or for some trick or treating. We at bidorbuy have all the Halloween goodies and gear you require, such as adult costumes, kids’ costumes, face paints, wigs, masks, decor, and even scary Halloween sweeties. Since we […]

Sunglasses, fashionable and functional


Do you have a different pair of sunglasses to go with specific attire or for a particular occasion? Yes? Then you are among those who treat sunglasses as a fashion accessory. You are not alone. The fact is, although sunglasses were originally invented as a protective item, they went into mass use only when they […]

That iconic coat

trench coat

What’s not to like about the trench coat. It is functional and stylish. It flatters almost every body type and it can be updated endlessly!

Style tips and tricks

style tips for women and men

What makes stylish women and men look so well put together? Read our style tips to find out!

Give winter the boot

Winter is a time to hunt for all those beautiful long coats, scarves and snoods you have stashed at the back of your cupboard. Even though it’s cold, there is no excuse not to look fabulous. Since we are currently in the crux on the winter season, it’s only fitting that we examine the trends of […]

Winter fashion trends for men

This winter there are a number of unique and highly fashionable trends that are quite popular, specifically for men’s clothing. These trends may be in line with your personal style or they may not be to your taste, but take a look, you might just be swayed to try something new.  Oversized sweaters This winter […]