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Your handbag personality

Did you know that you can assess a lady’s character by looking at the type of handbag she carries? “It is an absolute indicator of who they are and what their style is,” says Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist and entrepreneur. Have you noticed yourself gravitating towards a certain type of bag, a style that you […]

Top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for her

For Her

You can rely on bidorbuy for good deals, as well as for excellent suggestions. Here are 10 gifts she will love to get this Valentine’s Day.   Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you’re starting to feel the pressure. This year, ditch the stuffed animals, overpriced roses, cheesy balloons and lame cards (chocolate can […]

Go ethnic for your wedding

ethnic wedding

South Africa is a country with diverse races, cultures and religions. So you’ll often find that the “white wedding” isn’t the only way people celebrate their marriages. Some couples want to stick to their roots and opt for a traditional wedding. Others have both a traditional and a “white wedding”. Some people opt to modernise […]

The pull of the slit

slit skirt

  Why this fashion detail is beloved by both men and women.     It’s like a game of peek-a-boo, which might be why men find it irresistible. (For it has been said that men are just big babies – got it?)   Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about the return of […]

How to wear high heels

red shoes

Before you get a headache trying to solve the puzzle from the title, I hasten to reassure you: on your feet, as per usual.   The problem is, your feet might not agree. Let me put that more precisely: your feet definitely do not agree. (I know. I asked them all.)   The higher the […]

Film and fashion

film and fashion

  The list of films that influenced what appeared on runways, in glossy magazines and in the streets is practically endless. Some films have inspired entire collections; others added a look, a garment, or an accessory to the contemporary fashion scene. Here are a few examples that stand out.   The T-shirt and cropped slim […]

2015 in Marsala


This deep brown-red colour is not to everybody’s taste, but it is actually very versatile.   Some call it elegant and classy. Others have only one word for it: yuck.   However, let’s not dismiss out of hand the colour Pantone people declared as the colour of 2015.   Marsala is a town in Sicily […]

What (not) to wear this summer

fashion 2015

You are forgiven if you felt somewhat at a loss while observing all the diverse, sometimes even contradictory styles touted as in by different authorities on what to wear. Luckily, you have me to help you navigate safely amid the hazards of summer fashion 2015. I promise to do it in plain English, without the […]

Embrace the bodycon

women fashion

It’s hot, and it’s controversial. There’s even controversy about the very term. According to some, it stands for body-conscious; according to others, for body-contoured. The cynics maintain it is short for body condom, adding that body-conscious is just how it makes the wearer feel.   Be that as it may. You get the picture: bodycon […]

Win a Soviet Tote bag valued at R449. We have a winner

Congratulations to Vuvu Shilwane who is the lucky winner of a Soviet Tote valued at R449 proudly sponsored by:                   Competition now closed.                                                 […]