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Wedding Dress Report 2011: Colour trends

 White dresses with just a pop of colour or barely-there detailing in a different shade have graced wedding dress designs for years; but 2011 sees huge popularity in black fixings like waist bows and floral attachments similar to the following two beautiful dresses. Soft gold embroidery or stitching is also very popular to add a […]

Wedding Dress Report 2011: Buying Online

Your wedding dress is probably the most important dress you will ever buy. So, would you risk buying it online? So many brides-to-be do; and are thrilled with the results. bidorbuy has a number of top wedding dress designers and sellers marketing their garments using the online platform. One of our top sellers Carisha Olivier […]

Get the look: Military

Military chic is a functional, casual look that works if you mix it up with a little femininity. A chunky gold ring and pop of pink lipgloss will contrast its utilitarianism. This brown belt is rugged and suits the functionality aspect of the look, but using it to accentuate the waist is a clever way to […]

Barely There: New Nude Shades

Pretty nude shades are my new favourite at the moment.  It’s really easy colour to wear, and it’s decidedly elegant without trying too hard. Nude goes with almost any colour especially black and you can pair it easily with multicoloured pieces. There are various shades, some more to the pink side of the spectrum and […]

The Statement Piece

The art of the statement piece is a plain, neutral, toned-down outfit shaken up with one eye-catching, gorgeous blast of pattern or colour. It’s a completely black outfit paired with shiny, bright red stiletto heels. It’s a solid white getup slapped with a massive, intricate  necklace. The statement piece stands out against a purposefully simple canvas and by […]

Colour for Autumn: wearing camel

This Autumn’s numero uno colour is: Camel. This beautiful neutral can be matched with: denim other neutrals such as grey, black and especially chocolate brown golds and bronzes brights like red, purple and blue …And my favourite, navy. Have a look at the navy-camel lookpage with items all from bidorbuy for some inspiration on the […]

Breaking the rules

Fashion rules are not hard and fast. That’s because fashion is not hard and fast; it’s constantly breaking it’s own boundaries by turning in on itself and doing the opposite of what it did before. Look at denim. In the eighteenth century it was worn by slaves because it is such a hardy material. In […]

Luminescent Party Dresses

Shocking neon party dresses are causing a ruckus on the runways this season, and they look to be a favourite for new year’s eve shenanigans everywhere. If you’re looking for something cheeky to wear to your new year’s eve bash, you’ve just found it. Neutral shoes and few, if any, accessories are the way to […]

3 Little Black Dresses

A busy day lies ahead, and a different outfit for all the places I need to be. So out of my trunk came 3 little black dresses for each occasion. One for a sunny day out-and-about, one for sundowners as the afternoon fizzles away, and one for a late night shindig (with dancing shoes to […]