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Cocktail Dress trends for 2011

‘Tis the season for end-of-the-year office parties and summer night soirées, and that means the search is on for the perfect cocktail dress and heels to match. This summer, formal dress trends point to flowing fabrics and glamorous add-ons. Flowy Fabrics Sheer fabrics like chiffon and shiny fabrics like silk make beautiful liquid-looking dresses that […]

The office party edition

Do you have an upcoming office function to celebrate the end of the work year? Try these three end-of-year office party looks out if you’re not sure what to wear. Chic & Sophisticated  A structured dress in a feminine nude colour with a touch of pretty lace is the center-piece of our Chic and Sophisticated […]

Wedding Dress Report 2011: Tip to Toe

Various trends are making their way into bridal gown designs in terms of cuts and styling. The most eye-catching designs in tops and skirts that we’ve seen  in wedding gowns online are the following: The Sheer Neckline  60s style sheer necklines are the new way to approach strapless dresses. Straight, rounded and sweetheart shaped necklines are […]

Wedding Dress Report 2011: Buying Online

Your wedding dress is probably the most important dress you will ever buy. So, would you risk buying it online? So many brides-to-be do; and are thrilled with the results. bidorbuy has a number of top wedding dress designers and sellers marketing their garments using the online platform. One of our top sellers Carisha Olivier […]

Wedding Dress Report 2011: Top 3 Dress Styles

It may come as a surprise to some, but wedding dresses are a big seller online.  Finding a style you like on the web is the most convenient way to get through loads of designs; and once you choose the one, the seller will tailor it to suit your measurements perfectly.   The Mermaid Sultry […]

Infinity and beyond: the new wonder dress

I have found the most amazing dress. It’s called: The Infinity Wrap Dress, and that’s why it’s amazing. Firstly, it’s a wrap dress which, as you know, we love (see why here). Secondly, it’s infinite, which means you can wear it a million-bizillion ways; like having a wardrobe of tons of pretty dresses that take […]

Find your perfect wedding dress

If the royal wedding hasn’t got you in a tizz, well, good on you, but wedding planning season is upon us anyway. For all those brides-to-be once spring has sprung and summertime comes back around; you’ve probably started picking out your perfect everything. If you still haven’t found what your looking for in a wedding […]

Why We Love Boots

It’s about winter-time and that means boots! From over-the-knees to lace ups, you can find all types on bidorbuy. A snuggly pair of boots is a very clever way to look chic but still stay warm on a cold winter’s day. Wear your boots with skirts and sheer tights to epitomise this look, or try […]

Autumn fashion must-haves

Autumn fashion is starting to make an appearance in shop windows and on street sidewalks, as the sun begins to go down sooner and the nights get a little cooler. The 5 Autumn items we’re seeing everwhere this season are: The turtleneck, the maxi dress, the thigh-high boot, the military-style coat, and the high collar. The current […]

Fashion on the weekend: going picnicking

If this weekend calls for a lazy picnic in the park, the most important thing is to be comfortable; there’s no point going out to play in the sun if you’re not going to be comfortable. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to look good. As you can see, I’ve gone for a feminine […]