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A sock guide for men

Socks are not only needed to keep you warm or to make wearing shoes more comfortable, they have also become a fashion statement. Instead of hiding your socks to make your shoes the star of the show (hence the creation of the secret sock), we now wear socks to show them off. Keep in mind […]

Sunglasses, fashionable and functional


Do you have a different pair of sunglasses to go with specific attire or for a particular occasion? Yes? Then you are among those who treat sunglasses as a fashion accessory. You are not alone. The fact is, although sunglasses were originally invented as a protective item, they went into mass use only when they […]

Do you wear wood?

wooden sunglasses and watch

You may be among the fashionistas who do not leave the house without a pair of wooden sunglasses shading their eyes. And since one thing leads to another, you probably sport a wooden watch on your wrist too.   Or… you may be among the few who are not even aware that one can put […]