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Hairstyle trends for women 2018

If there ever was a time for funky colours and adventurous styles, it’s 2018. This is the year for interesting hairstyles! This blog post will explore a few of the new and exciting hairstyles making waves in the beauty industry. Be bold bob! A huge trend this year is bob, especially sleek, dead straight one. […]

No-fuss hairstyles for the office

work hairstyle

It’s “back to school” or” back to work” time for most of us. We have to get back into the swing of things. The December grunge or happy-go-lucky look now has to be abandoned for a more professional, neat and tidy look. Unless you are self-employed or work for a VERY understanding employer, you have […]

Hair types and treatments

Finding the right products for your hair can be difficult if you don’t know what the best product for your hair type is. Most people struggle to get their hair tamed.   Hair is categorised by three characteristics: porosity, elasticity and texture. Once you figure out where your hair falls, you’ll be able to get […]

Summer 2014 beauty trends

Eye makeup   Go for powder-based eyeshadow in nude shades that are just a little bit darker than your natural colour. If dramatic is what you want, our pick would be a shade of gold that you can mix in with the nude shades for an element of surprise. You can even swoop some glitter […]