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Manly in pink

The most prominent men’s fashion trend for the spring-summer season of 2019 is the return of pink and other pastel colours.

Style tips and tricks

style tips for women and men

What makes stylish women and men look so well put together? Read our style tips to find out!

Winter fashion trends for men

This winter there are a number of unique and highly fashionable trends that are quite popular, specifically for men’s clothing. These trends may be in line with your personal style or they may not be to your taste, but take a look, you might just be swayed to try something new.  Oversized sweaters This winter […]

7 types of shoes every man should have

  Oxfords     Every man should have a pair of Oxfords, either black or brown. The pair should be simple, with minimum details, to give it a classic look. Oxfords are smart, versatile and a great investment shoe. They can be worn in a professional setting, for example the office, or at formal gatherings such […]

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for him

For Him

You can rely on bidorbuy for good deals, as well as for excellent suggestions. Here are 10 gifts he will love to get this Valentine’s Day.     While you may be impatiently waiting for the much anticipated Valentine’s Day, we both know that your other (cynical) half is dreading it. Let’s face it; Valentine’s Day has […]

3 summer styles for men

fashion for men on bidorbuy

Summer is around the corner! That means that men all around South Africa (and other countries of the southern hemisphere) should dive into their wardrobe, throw out all items not fit to be worn, and head to bidorbuy for a new look.   I suggest three triple-easy styles: easy on the pocket, easy to wear, […]

5 style rules for men

With special emphasis on how to dress for winter Believe it or not, there are men who dress in the first-thing-that-falls out-of-the-wardrobe style. It is for their benefit that I bring you these five style rules. I am placing emphasis on winter, because we are entering the cold season, and because it is notoriously difficult […]

Beanies for men

We won’t go into the naming conventions. That field is too problematic and contentious. Suffice it to say that beanies, which can be indistinguishable from skull caps and knitted caps, not to mention bob caps, stocking caps,  watch cap or tuques (that last one is Canadian-speak), are back in style, in a big way, and […]

Men’s beach essentials

Get your summer time beach basics on bidorbuy. Everything you need from board shorts to slip slops, you can find on bidorbuy.

Men’s winter fashion

When it comes to the chillier months, men’s fashion turns to integrating different textures and layering clothing pieces. The following is a list of our favourite up-and-coming trends for the cold days ahead: shades of grey, leather basics and military inspired looks.