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How to reduce stress

We all experience stress for different reasons. We also handle stress differently. One thing is for sure, stress affects us all and not in a good way. You might already know this, but stress is a common cause for a large variety of diseases and can definitely do harm to your body. This blog post […]

Microblading 101

Have you heard of microblading? This new trend has hit the beauty scene with quite a bang, making it a very popular beauty treatment. If you not entirely sure what it is, simply put, it’s a form of tattooing that is performed on your eyebrows to give them a fuller, beautiful shape. The difference between microblading and […]

Time to change your spots

bidorbuy’s new critter-crazy advert has got everyone wild with excitement, so I thought it would be apt to pay homage to one of the most popular prints spotted on sidewalks this season. Leopard print is beautiful but it’s notoriously difficult to pull off in an outfit. It can be ultra classy or super trashy and the […]

How to Buy Clothing Online

This is a quick guide to help you buy clothing online. With a few tips and tricks, the wide world of online fashion is yours to take.   Tips & Tricks:   1. Size Measurements Have a look at our size guide. Online sellers should give clear details about the size of the item. Often, online, […]

Shop by Style: Classic Rock

Classic Rock & Roll style means smoky dark colours, rough fabrics and rocker motifs like rhinestones and crossbones. Shop classic rocker styles on bidorbuy by clicking on the links under the lookpage. Which grungy items say “I love Rock & Roll” for you? Lookpage Shop these items by clicking on the links. Above: high black […]

Shop by Style – Perfectly Pretty

Ultra feminine fashions mean anything pretty. Pastel shades or daisy bright colours and girly patterns like polka dots and ditsy flowers make a sweet and petite style. Shop pretty fashions on bidorbuy by clicking on the links under the lookpage. Tell me what you think the best girly fashion pieces are. Lookpage Shop these items […]

Shop by Style: Retro Colour

80s retro. Super bright colours, super crazy patterns, super bulky-beautiful style. Shop 80s glam on bidorbuy by clicking on the links under the lookpage. Which is your must-have glam retro fashion piece? Lookpage Shop these items by clicking on the links. Above:  purple vintage clutch bag, metallic pink heart purse, neon scribble dress, aviators, chunky yellow […]